The Home Study Course

CRAVE - The Home Study Course 

Each week you receive a module consisting of videos to guide you through the specialized techniques of the topic. Using these techniques, you will get to the heart of your life's cravings, and learn ways to support them in your life

Week 1 - Create your Canvas
Learn to create a blank canvas to create your work of art with gentle cleansing and lifestyle techniques

Week 2 - Ground Yourself

Identify what allows you to feel grounded, and improve your relationship with money to begin drawing it in

Week 3 - Fluid Femininity
Learn to make yourself a priority without feeling guilty, and why it is so critical

Week 4 - Power Play
Access your personal power, and create your dreams by shifting your mindset

Week 5 - Show the Love
Understand the concept of unconditional love for yourself and others, and forgive the past to heal the now

Week 6 - Express Yourself
Learn to communicate directly and clearly to improve your personal and professional relationships

Week 7 - Inner Wisdom
Access the tools to "trust your gut" and confidently make decisions

Week 8 - Connections
Enhance your connection to source and your community for self-fulfillment

Week 9 - Satisfy your cravings

Learn techniques to realistically incorporate your cravings into your life, and start living your life!

Special Gifts!

You also receive as part of your program a PDF copy of The Kalusion Cleanse, The Kalusion Health & Harmony Tea Sampler Set, and a call with Kaluwa to support you in satisfying your cravings

"A nurturing, listening ear to your health and personal goals. Kaluwa then offers gentle encouragement with a solid plan and clear recommendations, products and information to help you achieve those goals. Even when you slide backwards in your pursuit, Kaluwa doesn't judge and strongly encourages you not to shame yourself."  

                                                                        Amy P.

CRAVE - The Home Study Course

arrives directly in your inbox upon registering, so you can immediately start satisfying your life's cravings

The 9 weeks of video instruction, and life changing techniques along with all of the special gifts are available for $900!

The best part is this course is that it's yours to keep. You can repeat this program as many times as you like, and chances are you will have a new experience each time. This is truly an essential tool for your Health & Harmony!

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"One of my biggest takeaways was changing fears into positive mantras. This was especially helpful in an area I struggled with for years - money. The changes I made gave me a completely different feeling about it. This was a huge impact of this program for me."  

                                                                        Theresa H.

Kaluwa ruit Ghalikar


Kaluwa is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, and Certified Holistic Fitness and Dance Instructor.  Her educational background includes a BA in Pre-Med Human Biology, Holistic Health Coaching, Holistic Fitness, Dance, Nia, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Curanderismo - traditional Native healing, Aromatherapy, and Behavior Analysis. Her career path led her to over 20 years of coaching and supporting individuals attain life, health, and career success.

crave - the Home study course


Reveal your life's cravings for a peaceful transformation into Health & Harmony in an overwhelming world.

​Crave is a complete method for getting to the heart of your life's cravings, and learning how to make them a priority without feeling guilty about finally giving yourself some well-deserved attention. This program differs from most wellness programs in that it offers very specialized techniques in movement, lifestyle, integrative nutrition and energy to create a dynamic shift from doing it all to HAVING IT ALL!

If you feel like your needs and wants are always at the back of the line, and you have started feeling the effects of self-neglect, then this program is designed for you.

What are some of the effects of self neglect? They include, but aren't limited to:

anxiety, depression, frustration, brain-fog, migraines, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, relationship problems, weight gain, stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, asthma, GI problems, eczema, bloating, pre-mature aging

CRAVE offers just what you need

If you like to work independently, and feel confident you will take advantage of the great content conveniently sent to your inbox, then The CRAVE Home Study Course is what you're seeking

If you know that emails sent to your inbox without accountability will sit unopened under the pile of other well-intentioned unopened emails then The CRAVE Complete Coaching Course is the best choice for you.

If you love to help others, and want to offer a truly comprehensive program with "done for you" content, then The CRAVE Coach Certification Course is just what you need.